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Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd, Ilumitex House, 106-114 Flinton Street, Hull, HU3 4NA, England.

Housing Portfolio

In the late 1990’s the Lisson Green Estate in Paddington had a major regeneration improvement scheme carried out. The decorative condition of the corridors and staircases were very poor with substantial amounts of graffiti covering every surface within reach.

ILUMITEX was chosen to provide a durable multicolour wall finish with anti graffiti properties. By finishing the flake system with two coats of the ILUMITEX two pack water based polyurethane lacquer, a number of additional benefits also accrued.

Residents, especially the young, very old and house bound, did not have to endure the pungent smell of these lacquers. Secondly, the ILUMITEX system was able to be completed in one day and therefore not subject to ‘overnight’ graffiti between the coats of the longer drying solvent based lacquers.

Ten years later the ILUMITEX is still in sound condition and continuing to provide good service as shown in the recently taken attached photographs.

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