Ilumitex®, the innovative multi colour flake wall covering solution

Available as bespoke and standard colours

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The Dry Flake Paint System of Choice for Interior Walls

Ilumitex® is the decorative wall covering system with the ability to transform any space. The multitude of Ilumitex® well-defined flake colour combinations create stunning walls, providing style and impact. Ilumitex® is available as bespoke and standard colour ranges and includes options from subtle to luxurious Ilumitextra® pearlescent effects.

Ilumitex® is highly durable, with its resistance to wear and tear making it an ideal wall decorative solution for high-traffic interior environments. The strong case for the durability of Ilumitex® is evidenced in the many projects that have used Ilumitex upto 25 years ago, where the wall finish achieved still looks outstanding today. Using water-based environmentally friendly paint, Ilumitex® is suitable for application to most substrate surfaces and produces a seamless wall finish with no shrinkage or joints.

The numerous benefits provided by the Ilumitex® system make it a highly desirable wall decorative solution for both residential and commercial projects.

Create Stunning Walls with Ilumitex®

Personalise interior walls to your colour theme or corporate colours with Ilumitex® bespoke, enabling customisation of your project. Alternatively choose from the Ilumitex® standard range, which provides a carefully chosen selection of colour flake options to transform your wall space.

The Ilumitex® system creates impressive visual results for interior walls with the added advantage of providing high durability. Ilumitex® is the textured wall paint system specified by architects, builders, designers and developers for its ability to transform any wall space.

Manufactured in the UK

Benefits of Ilumitex®

  • Ilumitex® is available as bespoke and standard colour flake ranges, with the ability to create stunning and wall spaces.
  • Ilumitex® as a life expectancy of more than five years longer than other conventional paint systems.
  • Ilumitex® uses environmentally friendly, water-based paints.
  • Ilumitex® is easy to apply, with low-odour during and following application.
  • Ilumitex® can be applied to most substrate surfaces.
  • Ilumitex® has high levels of durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic interior environments.
  • Ilumitex® as a proven track record of success in numerous residential and commercial projects across the globe.

Ilumitex® is available as bespoke and standard ranges

The innovative wall decorative covering solution
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