About Ilumitex

Ilumitex® is Manufactured in the UK

Ilumitex® is manufactured in the UK by Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd., a family-owned and run company with origins dating back to 1918.

Pittaway Special Coatings has a wealth of experience in decorative wall covering solutions, with this expertise leading to the development of Ilumitex® in 1978. This solid foundation has enabled the growth and success of Ilumitex®, as a leading wall decorative brand in both the UK and across the globe.

Continued investment has resulted in the ongoing development of both the Ilumitex® and Ilumitextra® brands. New flake colours are introduced and launched regularly. The entire Ilumitex® range has been developed with a dedication to quality and use of water-based environmentally friendly paints. More recent development work has focussed on the introduction of ultraviolet flake colours.

Manufactured in the UK

Ilumitex® is Perfect for
Residential & Commercial Projects

Ilumitex® has been extensively used in commercial and residential projects across the globe and is perfect for use in:
  • Homes
  • Public Areas & Buildings
  • Educational Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Airport Terminals
  • Theme Parks
  • Commercial Areas
  • Local Authority Buildings
  • Apartments & Housing
  • Shopping Centres
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Residential Homes
  • Retail Outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Sports Centres & Stadiums
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Theatres & Cinemas
  • Nightclubs
  • Police Authorites
  • Prisons
  • Car Park Stairwells & Walkways

Ilumitex® is Easy to Apply

The Ilumitex® product application process follows a comprehensive method of application. Standard paint preparation of the interior surface to achieve best results.

A specially formulated thick base is applied by brush and roller. Whilst still wet, the PVA flakes are applied by an Ilumitex® gun. Once the base coat and flakes are completely dry loose flakes are removed by rubbing the surface down. This is then followed by the application of a lacquer sealant overcoat, available in a choice of five different lacquer finishes, to suit your requirements.

For further information on the application process please access Technical Sheets and the leaflet titled Application of Ilumitex® Process.

Technical sheets
Swatch P427

Ilumitex® Application Process

Apply Ilumitex Base Coat

Apply Ilumitex® Base Coat

Fill Ilumitex Gun Canister with Flakes

Fill Ilumitex® Gun Canister with Flakes

Apply Ilumitex Base Coat

Spray Ilumitex® Flakes to Walls

Apply Ilumitex Base Coat

Apply Ilumitex® Lacquer