Stairwell Walls Makeover at London Primary School Using Ilumitex®

The project

The decision to use Ilumitex® for the main stairwell walls of this London-based primary school was made on the many benefits the system offered. Durability was a key deciding factor in selecting Ilumitex®, given the constant wear and tear that the stairwell walls were subjected to. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the school was also delighted to learn that Ilumitex® uses water-based, environmentally friendly paints. Ilumitex® was sourced through a Dulux Merchant and applied to the interior main stairwell walls of the school in 2019.


The school opted for a special combination of Ilumitex 416 with the addition of 50% white flakes and a white base coat.

This shows the limitless range of flake colours and effects that can be achieved using the Ilumitex® system. The lacquer overcoat used to seal the flakes provided a comparatively smooth surface, that is easy for the school to clean and maintain. The visual aesthetic produced using Ilumitex® created an inviting learning environment that is both engaging and welcoming.

The durability of Ilumitex® for this high-traffic stairwell area of the school has proved to be exceptional. The ability of Ilumitex® to withstand constant wear and tear has reduced the need for costly redecoration programmes, that is required with conventional paint. Ilumitex® has brought significant cost savings benefits to the school and continues to do so.