Crown Decorating Centre the Ilumitex® Distributor for Scarborough School

The project

Crown Decorating Centre the Ilumitex® Distributor for Scarborough School

A wall decorative solution was needed that would not only look good, but also address the school’s rising decoration costs.

The school was introduced to the Ilumitex® system and the numerous benefits it provides, by the Crown Decorating Centre in Scarborough. Ilumitex® proved to be the perfect solution based on the needs of the school. Not only is Ilumitex® highly durable, but the long life span ensures that it still looks great up to twenty five years following application. Costly redecoration required with conventional paint is not required and this would provide the school with considerable savings. Ilumitex® uses water-based environmentally friendly paint and this was considered to be another major benefit to the school.


Ilumitex® 462 was selected by the school decision-makers to cover a wall area of 325 sqm. Ilumitex® produced a seamless finish, with no shrinkage or odour during or following the application process. The multi-colour flake combinations of this colour option, brought a sense of positivity and optimism to the whole school environment.

The benefits of Ilumitex® to this school have been enormous. Durability and the high levels of resistance to wear and tear mean that Ilumitex still looks great nine years after Ilumitex® was first applied in 2015. The school continues to be impressed with the huge savings that have been made by using Ilumitex®.