Ilumitex® Bespoke Transforms Inner City Secondary School, UK

The project

The resistance of Ilumitex® to wear and tear made it an ideal wall decorative solution for the interior walls of an inner city secondary school based in the UK.

With very low odour both during and following application, Ilumitex® produced a seamless wall finish with no shrinkage throughout the corridor walls of the school.

Ilumitex® uses environmentally friendly water-based paints, which proved to be a major deciding factor in selecting Ilumitex® for this project. The durability of Ilumitex® for the high-traffic communal areas of the school has been outstanding. Ilumitex has also provided the school with significant cost benefits, as it has reduced the need for future redecoration programmes.


Ilumitex® was successfully applied to extensive wall areas of this large secondary school. A bespoke Ilumitex® flake colour was selected and applied to walls of the school entrance, all of the main corridors and stairway walls, covering a total area of 1400m2.

The whole environment of the school was transformed, with Ilumitex® providing the school with an attractive and appealing aesthetic coating. There were numerous advantages in selecting Ilumitex® for this project. The durability, easy of cleaning and maintenance were just some of the key benefits to the school.

Cost effectiveness and savings associated with the reduced need for future redecoration programmes were also key assets provided by the Ilumitex® system.