A Great Success Story for Lincolnshire Ink Factory, UK

The project

An Ink manufacturing plant in Grantham carried out a significant revamp and modernisation of their site.

The business owner required a highly durable and easy-to-maintain wall decorative solution for the interiors of their new offices, testing laboratories and disabled washroom facility areas. As an environmentally aware manufacturer the requirement was to use a decorative wall solution in line with the company's commitment to sustainability.

Ilumitex® fulfilled all of these key requirements for this ink manufacturing company. In addition, Ilumitex® provided Class O Fire Certification, which was another important consideration in selecting the dry flake paint system, in preference to other paint solutions available on the market.


Ilumitex® 407 and Ilumitex® 427 were both selected from the Ilumitex® Standard Range, The water based environmentally friendly paint system has provided a safe environment for the Ink factory’s employees.

Levels of resistance provided by Ilumitex® to wear and tear continue to be outstanding. Ilumitex® has excelled in covering many uneven surface walls throughout the site. The seamless finish with no shrinkage or visible joints has provided an impressive visual aesthetic.

Ilumitex® is easy to clean and maintain and these numerous benefits together with the reduced need for future redecoration programmes has meant that Ilumitex® has proven to be the perfect solution for this manufacturing environment.