Ilumitex® Bespoke 25 Years On at Aston Villa Football Stadium

The project

The Aston Villa colours of claret, blue and yellow are an iconic part of the football club's history. This branded colour pallet has been used extensively to strengthen the Aston Villa brand and communicate their presence in premier league football.

The requirement was to provide a decorative wall covering solution for the interior concourses, stairwells and corridors areas of the Aston Villa Football stadium, to be branded in their famous colours. Given the high foot fall and the extreme wear and tear that the interior walls would be exposed to, durability as well as aesthetics were just some of the many critical considerations.


A bespoke mix of Ilumitex® flake colours were selected to match the Aston Villa branded colours. Ilumitex® was selected as the final choice as the decorative flake paint system fulfilled all of the many requirements of Aston Villa Football Club. Highlight wall areas composed of bands of specific Aston Villa colours were used to bring interest and focal points. The results achieved were visually outstanding.

Ilumitex® flakes were applied to both blockwork and plastered wall areas demonstrating how successfully Ilumitex® can be applied to different material types, whilst also providing exceptional durability. Ilumitex® flake colour combinations were used imaginatively to provide interest and focal points to specific wall areas to communicate the Aston Villa brand identity.

With the life expectancy of Ilumitex® up to five times longer than conventional paint, high durability levels were provided. Given the reduced need to redecorate on a regular basis, significant cost savings were also made.