Renovation of Five Story Apartment Complex in Aachen Germany

The project

Ilumitex® was selected as the textured wall decorative system of choice for the interior walls of a residential apartment complex in the historic town of Aachen in Germany.

The visual appeal and ability of Ilumitex® to be applied to many different surfaces were just some of the considerations in the system being selected for this project. The non-static properties of Ilumitex® means that it stays cleaner for longer, compared to standard paint. Given the heavy interior traffic that these communal wall areas are exposed to every day, these were huge advantages in view of the ongoing upkeep of the wall spaces.

Other benefits of Ilumitex® to this project were the environmentally friendly benefits of the colour flake system and the low odour of Ilumitex® during and after application. The non-static properties of Ilumitex® means that it remains cleaner for longer, compared to standard paint, Given the heavy interior traffic to the communal wall areas of the apartment complex the easy to clean and maintenance advantages were key in choosing Ilumitex for this project.


The project involved the application of a bespoke selection of Ilumitex® flake colour combinations to an extensive wall area extending 800m2.

The dry paint flakes were spray applied onto a base coat and finished with a lacquer providing a lightly surfaced visual texture that is easily cleanable.

The seamless finish provided by Ilumitex® means that there is no shrinkage and no visible joints shown on the walls of the apartment communal walls. The appeal of the Ilumitex® system to an increasingly global audience confirms the popularity of Ilumitex® across the globe.