Birmingham School Reception Area Transformed Using Ilumitex® Bespoke

The project

A Birmingham School was experiencing an issue with continual damage and markings to the paintwork in their main reception area. The ‘Before” photos show the extent of this constant wear and tear. An alternative decorative solution to conventional paint was required for this high traffic interior area, the focal point of the school.

A number of possible wall decorating options were researched by the school and Ilumitex® selected in preference to the many other solutions considered. The Ilumitex® system provided the school with a highly durable wall covering solution, that would decrease the need for contestant and costly redecoration programmes. The decision to use Ilumitex® bespoke meant that a customised mix of flake colours were selected to complement the school's colour scheme.


Covering an area of 10 sqm Ilumitex® bespoke was spray applied to the interior walls of the main reception area of the school.
The “After” photos show the astounding transformation of the reception walls. The outstanding results achieved created a welcoming aesthetic, in keeping with the colours of the school environment.

The Ilumitex® system continues to provide enormous benefits to the school. Key amongst these are the very high levels of durability and the reduced need for costly redecoration programmes.